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Owning experienced directional professionals, advanced domestic and imported MWD tools, directional drilling design software & calculating software, KINGWELL can provide excellent, economic, efficient, reliable MWD/LWD service, which is suitable for oil wells, gas wells and horizontal wells.
● Mud flowv:66gpm~1100gpm
● Mud density:7.5ppg~18ppg
● Working temperature:-30℃~150℃/-20℃~175℃
● Working pressure of down hole instruments:140Mpa
● Measurement precision of inclination:±0.1°
● Measurement precision of azimuth:±1°
● Measurement precision of tool face:±1°
● Measurement range of Gamma:0-500API
● Measurement precision of Gamma:±5%
Overall Structure Diagram
Main tools

Remote Data Processing Unit                                   Special Data Processing Unit
                                                                                                        Pressure Sensor                                                                      Drill's Monitor
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