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Champion Top-Drive Cementing Head

Champion Top-Drive Cementing Head is designed to surface launch balls or darts in order to operate subsea plug sets. This top-drive or rotary-rig cement head can be manually actuated to release the operating darts or balls by way of the ball-drop port.
The combined functional working parameters/ratings for the Commander 1000 top-drive cementing head are 10,000 psi, 1,000 Imperial tons (2,000,000 lbm), and 75,000 ft-lbf makeup torque.
KINGWELL Champion Top-Drive Cementing Head has integral features in support of cementing and liner operations for the most severe well construction operations; operations where deepwater wells are being drilled in pre-salt, extended salt formations, and where a heavier casing/work-string is needed. KINGWELL’s new modular top-drive head is designed for the next generation of wells being drilled.
1. Modular multi-chamber configuration allows the head to be configured for well-specific operational requirements with additional chambers as required
2. Modular sections joined with full torque/tensile connectors so the number of chambers can be increased or decreased
3. Integral swivel design reduces the overall assembly length
4. Dual 2-in. 1502 circulation swivel ports
5. Allows loading of drillpipe wiper plugs through swivel (disassembly of head is not required)
6. Removable side entry port (3.06-in. ID) allows multiple insertions of activating balls up to 3.0-in. (Pin ID of 3.06-in. is the actual restriction)
7. All seals for the valve inserts, plug indicator flipper and ball drop port are accessible for routine  maintenance without disassembly of the chambers
8. Remote operation capability using radio-frequency to operate self-contained technology or pneumatic systems
9. Wireless remote actuators operated by fillable and replaceable nitrogen cylinders
10. Logic programmed into the wireless controller ensures that darts cannot be dropped out of sequence and also allows for automatic valve sequencing for flushing the head after the job is complete
11. The wireless controller emits a signal frequency unique to each head receiver
12. Remotely operated 10,000 psi 4.0-in. ID Kelly valves
13. Plug loading tools ensures the safe loading of rubber and foam dart types
1. Lloyds and DNV Type and Product certification
2. DNV certified Baskets
3. Integral swivel assembly
4. Ability to load plugs offshore and in the basket without breaking the tool apart to install the plugs
5. Drop plugs while flowing
6. Designed to allow minor maintenance in the field and for improved reliability
7. Removes the need for personnel being raised into the derrick to operate valves
Technical Specifications
² 1,000 ton or 2,000,000 lb load rating
² 10,000 psi working pressure (WP)
² 75,000 ft/lb torque Upper/lower connection and modular connectors
² Combined load tested to 1,500 ton & 15,000 psi
² 4.00-in. main bore (plug chamber inner diameter)
² 17-in. outer diameter (OD)
² 2.75-in. bypass bore (manual ball port)
² Rated to 20 bbl/min through the main bore and 16 bpm through the bypass bore
² Overall length for the two chamber assembly is 182-in.
² Swivel rated to 30 rpm for 20 hours
² Combined performance rating of 1,000 ton at 10,000 psi
² Wireless Remote is zone 1 certified and has 150-ft. range
Champion Top-Drive Cementing Head Specifications
Maximum hookload 2 Million lb
Maximum working pressure 10,000 psi
Tool weight 6,633 lb
Tool weight with Remote 6,983 lb
Connections 6 5/8-in. API full hole box and pin
Maximum pump rates Integral swivel 16 bbl/min, top-drive 20 bbl/min
Wireless remote Zone 1 with 150 ft range
Basket length and width 33 ft and 4 ft

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