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Tool joint connection info  
Upper connection 2 7/8" HT PAC Box
Lower connection 2 7/8" HT PAC Pin
Make up torque (ft-lbs) 4,230-4,700
Torsional Yield strength (ft-lbs) 7,800
Tensile Yield strength (ft-lbs) 250,300
Body/Mandrel rating Info  
Torsional Yield strength (ft-lbs) 30,011
Tensile Yield strength (ft-lbs) 649,303
Burst pressure (psi) 57,200
Collapse pressure (psi) 42,328
Dimensional & Flow area info  
Box OD (A)(in) 3.125 
Tool ID (in) 1.500 
Min TFA Through Tools (in2) 1.760 
Drift Dia Through Tools (in) 1.375 
Tie back mill OD(B) (in) 5.185 
Pin OD (C) (in) 3.125 
Overal length (ft) 4.800 
Weight (kg) 61.100 
Min Flow Area Around Tools(in2) 5.865 

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