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  • LPR-N Valve

    KW-DST-05 The Pressure Operated tester valve (LPR-N Valve) is a full- opening, annulus pressure-operated valve
  • Tester Valve

    KW-DST-07 Select Tester valve is a full-opening, annulus pressure-operated tool
  • Gauge Carrier

    KW-DST-09 Gauge carrier is used for carrying four electric pressure gauge or temperature gauge.
  • Shock Absorber

    KW-DST-10 Radial Shock Absorber and Vertical Shock Absorber
  • Hydraulic Jar

    KW-DST-11 Hydraulic Jar is also called Big John Jar, is included as part of a tool string to help remove stuck tools
  • Slip Joint

    KW-DST-12 slip joint is an expansion and contraction compensating tool; operated by balancing its volume
  • Rupture Disk (RD) Sampler

    KW-DST-13 The rupture disk sampler is a full-open, full bore sleeve sampler for use on drill stem tests
  • Safety Valve

    KW-DST-04 Subsurface safety valves are an integral part of the well completions; Super Safety Valve is controlled by two hydraulic lines and contains a chemical injection port.
  • Safety Joint

    KW-DST-03 The safety joint is an optional emergency backoff device.
  • Circulating Valve

    KW-DST-02 RTTS circulating valve is a locked-open/locked-closed valve that serves as both a circulating valve and bypass
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